3 de abr de 2018

Facebook Dev Circles


Adicionando os slides da última apresnetação no Facebook Dev Circles ;)

8 de mar de 2017

Women Tech Makers - IBM - São Paulo

Pessoal, como prometido aí vão os slides apresentados no Women Techmakers realizado na IBM em São Paulo:


29 de jun de 2016

Relation X does not exist

While trying to export a select result, you got the following error message: Relation xxx does not exist

Possible Solution:
If you are working with Temporary Tables, be aware they will be available for this session only.
So, when exporting the result, make sure you are not allowing the client to OPEN A NEW CONNECTION.

Otherwise the new connection will not know the tables, since they only exist on the previous connection.

Stupid Issues, but it's worth to share ;)

Squirrel SQL Client

28 de abr de 2016

AUTH_FAILED,Google Authenticator Code must be a number

After installing Ubuntu 16.04 update many users are unable to connect on OpenVPN on its newest version.

While a new package isn't provided, install openvpn 2.3.10 from source:


Presentation at FATEC Americana

Had the pleasure to speak about Careers on IT to students from FATEC in the city of Americana, São Paulo.

Thanks guys for the invitation and warm welcome!

Slides available here: