8 de out de 2015

Meeting Stan Lee

Hello people from earth!

I had a chance of a lifetime. Meeting Stan Lee, not once but twice at the same day!
The day was July 10th 2015: 3rd day of San Diego Comic-Con (if you consider the Preview Night).

I had bought the Meet & Greet so I knew I was gonna meet him but I definitely didn't expect so see him twice!

A few days before Comic-Con, I had forward an image on Instagram in order to have the chance to get a Stan Lee Autograph. It would be quick, but still, was a chance to meet THE MAN.

And lucky me I was chosen :)

So basically that day I met Stan very quickly on Arcana Both.
And god I was nervous...


After that The Meet & Greet!

It was in a secret location... a hotel beside the Convention Center on the presidential suite.
Basically a nerd after party.
Food, Nerds, Drinks, Geeks.

Everyone so nervous to have the chance to meet him.

So here are the greatest moments of this unspeakable encounter.
Words fail me to describe how happy I was... not just to see him but also to talk and smell him - Yes he smells like grampa!

He's so slim that I got nervous while hugging him. He's seem so fragile but have this strong personality at the same time that shows how he was capable of being the person he is.

It's not an easy job to get famous and keep that. To manage all the haters, the market itself. But he did it.

Even so old, he's still nice with the fans.
Live Long and Prosper Mr Lee.
Glad to had the chance to meet you in this life time.

3 de fev de 2015

SDCC 2014

It's been a while since my last post here.
Well, as usual I'm working a lot, but also having fun ;)

My last vacation was full of joy and "nerdiness". In fact, the most nerd time of all!
This time we had the opportunity to attend Comic-Con! Yes, that one!
Comic-Con International San Diego!

It's hard to express how incredible this event actually is and the awesomeness to be around thousands of people that understand you and have the same passion for the same things.

How amazing is to get to know Samwise or recognize "Bran" from Game of Thrones among the Crowd - because he doesn't looks like his character at all.

And the Cosplayes!

What about staying in line for more than 10 hours? First time sleeping on the street for the win!

Is incredible to see all those actors and actresses so close. They are part of your life, and then, they are there. They're real.

Strongly recommend anyone that loves tv shows, movies and of course, HQs to attend Comic-Con at least once in their life. It can be expensive and you'll be frustrated cause you can't buy everything you want - but still - is worth it!

Check here all the photos:

2 de jul de 2014

Bike Tree

       “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

― Albert Einstein

19 de dez de 2013

ShipIt Atlassian

In November 2013, we had the opportunity of working on a project called ShitIt.

The idea was basically create a project in ~6 hours that would help Atlassian's Support Engineers to manage the queue of issues.
So our project, called "A Próxima Vítima" - as the brazilian soap opera - was an individual wallboard to prioritise a large queue of tickets, based on SLA and time since last update.

Check here how it was: